Defensive Firearms Training & Tactics
Defensive Firearms Training & Tactics

Tactical shooting for self defense requires agile and adaptive thinkers that are able to handle the challenges of a violent attack whether at home, in the office, or on the street.

Our Courses

  1. Defensive Pistol
    Defensive Pistol
  2. Defensive Carbine
    Defensive Carbine
  3. Concealed Weapons Course
    Concealed Weapons Course
  4. MCA-Defense
    Multi assault, Counter terrorism, Action capacity
Twenty13 is a local, Veteran owned, firearms training company  that teaches professional combat shooting tactics and techniques to provide responsible gun owners the critical experience needed to protect themselves and their family when the use of deadly force is imminent.  Each course is marksmanship intensive and emphasizes on mastering marksmanship fundamentals in order to safely, accurately and efficiently operate your firearms in any practical, tactical or emergency situation. The desired end state of our courses is that each student will leave with the appropriate training information and skill building exercises that are crucial for creating and developing the aptitude, confidence and proficiency that is needed for self defense.
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